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yearbook promotion
It is time to buy your Rancho-Starbuck 2021 yearbook! 
Purchase by April 23, 2021 to get the presale price of only $35! 
Click here to buy your yearbook.
How to navigate the website to purchase your yearbook.
1) Click the link above
2) Once on the site, click 'ORDER NOW' under the 'Yearbook products and Ads' section
3) You will be asked how many students you want to shop for...fill in the grade of your student and the first and last name.
4) Click 'Shop for this student'
5) The only available sale is the 'Yearbook Only Package'  Click 'Get Started'
6) The price will appear at the top and you can choose the quantity and click 'Add to Cart'
7) Once in the cart, choose your preferred method of payment and you're in!
If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Van Diest or Mr. Miller at   or
There is a limited supply so do not miss out!