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The Conservatory of the Fine Arts (COFA) and Academy programs are designed to encourage students to pursue passion projects. Qualifying students apply to the program at the beginning of the school year. To qualify a student for Academy, the student must be enrolled in either an Honors Math, Honors ELA class, or Computer Science and demonstrate good academic standing in those classes. To qualify for COFA, a student must be enrolled in an advanced art class such as advanced drama, advanced bad, advanced art, and advanced choir. Once a student is approved for the program they begin to formulate a project that will have a positive impact on their community. Students are given the freedom to pursue any topic related to their field. Throughout the school year, students check in with the COFA/Academy teachers and present about their challenges and progress. Through this program, students have designed apps, written and illustrated books, started clubs on campus, and composed original music. The COFA/Academy project is hard work but students are motivated to succeed because they choose projects they are passionate about! We are proud of all of our students who have completed the program and are excited to see what future students will create! 

Here's a link to the youtube playlist to view last years Cofa/Academy projects.