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Mindful Monday Videos

Week 1: Square Breath. 
Mindful Challenge: Focus on what we can control. With all that is going on there is so much we CAN'T control. Instead of focusing on what we do not have control over, let's focus on what we CAN control! 
Week 2: Feeling the Breath
Mindful Challenge: How can we use social media to spread positivity for both ourselves and others this week? 
Week 3: Permission to feel your emotions. 
Mindful challenge: Acknowledge your emotions and allow yourself to feel your emotions so you can decide what to hold on to and what to let go of. 
Week 4: Triangle Breath 
Mindful challenge: What is an organizational strategy you can put in place to help decrease your stress this week? 
Week 5: 2-4 Breathing
Mindful Challenge: How can we be kind and positive to ourselves this week? Our words have power and we need to be kind to ourselves.