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Mrs. Lavin's 7th Grade Math Class

Helpful Links

AeriesLogin here to see your grade.
Big Ideas MathHere is where you will submit all your math assignments digitally. You may also access the textbook digitally here so there is no excuse of "I forgot my textbook".

NOTE: All textbook assignments are submitted digitally here at Big Ideas and then the work (done formatted on paper) is also turned in the following day in class.

NOTE: Digital assignments receive the grade seen on the results page. Each question you will have 2 chances at. If you get it wrong the first time, rework the problem and try it again. If you still get it wrong use the help features of the website, your notes, your book etc. The third time you click check answer your result is locked in for that problem.

NOTE: Your login is the first letter of you first name followed by your last name and the some number. (Example: John Smith would have a user name like jsmith035)
Google ClassroomUse Google Classroom and the calendar there to see assignments, due dates, and worksheets you may have missed. Google Classroom is the main method of communication for this class.

NOTE: Your login is your school email and password.
Khan AcademyWe will be using this website throughout the year. This is a great resource that you may also use on your own (even if it is not assigned). When you are struggling with a concept use Khan Academy to search for the topic and watch videos to show you how to work through the concepts you find tough. 

NOTE: To login to Khan Academy you must click on "Login with Google". Then be sure to type in your school email and password. If you try to use a different email you will not have all of our class data. Also, if you do not first click on "Login with Google" it will come up with an error when logging in if you just type your email in the sign on page.