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faces of freedom
Rancho-Starbuck Quad
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Latest News

acceptance week

Acceptance Week April 8-12!

Dress up each day to promote acceptance! Monday: Stomping Out Intolerance! Wear mismatched shoes! Tuesday: We All Rock! Wear your favorite band T! Wednesday: Everybody Counts Day! Wear clothes with numbers! Thursday: Heritage Pride Day! Wear clothes that promote your culture! Friday: Mix It Up Day! Wear multi patterned clothes and "mix it up" by hanging out with people outside your friend group!
La Habra high school logo

New LHHS Summer Class!

Be College and Career Ready is a new summer class offered at LHHS! See the flyer for more info!

District Mission

The Lowell Joint School District is committed to providing a strong academic program of 21st Century Skills with a well-rounded program of diverse and innovative subject offerings.  At all of the District Schools, we emphasize the importance of education, the family, and traditional values.  We stress the value of personal integrity, social responsibility, and a respect for our national heritage.